Frequently asked Karaoke questions:

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What is karaoke, anyway?
Karaoke started in Japan as a form of entertainment. Literally translated, it means “empty orchestra”. Patrons take turns singing along to pre-recorded music. In Edmonton it usually means going to a bar or lounge with friends, having a few drinks, and singing a few songs. There is a host who runs the equipment and introduces the singers.
Are there rules at karaoke?
Yes. Don’t forget to write your name on a request slip. Everybody takes turns, so don’t expect to sing every second song. Clap when somebody sings – it takes a lot of guts to get up in front of a whole bunch of people and sing.
What if I can’t sing too well?
Join the club. Every place you go, there’ll be some really good singers, and some not as good. The whole point is to have fun. Remember, too, that the first time you hear your own voice over the mic, it’s scary. You do get better with practice.
And if I love to sing, but don’t drink, then what?
Most places are just as happy if you order food – remember, it costs the bar money to hire a karaoke show, so if it’s not profitable for them, they won’t do it.
I have my own system at home. Can I bring my own disks?
The newer karaoke systems are closed, so the host usually can’t play other disks. Sometimes, different places have different versions of the same song, and if you try one that’s not the same as the one you have at home, note the manufacturer, ie. Sound Choice, Sunfly, Pop Hits Monthly. The next time you sing the song, try on of the other versions if you didn’t like the first one.
Why is it that whenever I try a new song, the bar fills up?
Murphy was an optimist. What else can I say?
What if I want to sing a song that the host doesn’t have?
Ask the host – they might bring it in if you’re a regular.
What if I have other questions?
Click on the above link and e-mail us. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out for you.